I will post here poems that I write on my own in different languages: english, hungarian and russian

Happy to see you all here!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I wake up- all in tears and hear my scream
yet I know that all of it wasn`t a dream.
shadows growing so fast
and this night won`t last
Sunshine of our past will guide me like a gleam.

I can try to forget all of you and that time-
when nobody existed - and you were all mine...
so amazing, divine
pouring both of us wine
You completed me- just like a so needed rhyme.

Yes you changed me while taking pieces of may
that were me once- but there is nothing to stay..
you disarmed me each day
leading my mind astray
there was no single chance for me to run away.

All these memories are burning down my heart
but I smile through tears- though it is so hard...
And I shall never know
How could you let me go?...
now my soul is forever that scarred.

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