I will post here poems that I write on my own in different languages: english, hungarian and russian

Happy to see you all here!

Saturday, 31 January 2015


Today I will paint down my mind
some thoughts brighter- and others shall be oh so grey...
There`s a pain inside me that  you can just find
but the people are blind
maybe even unkind..
I will paint down my mind today.

Bright moonshine will be my only wonderuful light
and my brushes will have their fight.
I imagine that nothing will stop me tonight
no pain, no fright
just this starry delight
My own wonderful light will be moonshine so bright.

Changed. Deceived. Angry. All are my part...
In a movie, that owns my life...is it strange?
I shall paint all down, here, just on the start
first step`s painful, hard
tearing off my own heart..
It`s my part now- you know, I have changed.

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