I will post here poems that I write on my own in different languages: english, hungarian and russian

Happy to see you all here!

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Last time I saw you it was different.
You were so happy, bright and cheerful
Now your eyes are so full with sorrow
You look suspicious- and so careful.

Something changed. It's now not me.
I am your twin now- but not lost!
You formed my new identity-
your name-in my heart- got embossed.

Now I see you. But through a prism..
A glass, a diamond- so transformed.
Those words you said just million times-
are new now. Now they are deformed..

Your touch- it gained a whole new meaning.
Like promise of a wonderland..
Something changed. You chaged too, I see.
Guide me through sorrows. Take my hand.

Pretend that we are good old friends.
That your voice means nothing to me.
You take my hand. Walk by my side.
Everything changed. Now I can see.

That everything was meant to be.

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