I will post here poems that I write on my own in different languages: english, hungarian and russian

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Friday, 28 February 2014


This story's old as world itself...
A boy, a girl- and nothing more.
He tried to hide his innerself-
She couldn't bear this dark sore.

She wanted him to be her friend-
It was her biggest wish from all.
And never hoped to show her love-
It is too much for her to fall.

She knew-oh she was very sure!-
That she was a stranger for that guy.
She didn't know- that little girl-
that his behaviour was a lie.

He never met a girl like her-
She was like princess from the sky.
He was afraid of her light soul-
for him- she was just way too high.

A dream, a cloud- that never lasts-
He tried to be best friend for her.
And hoping that his time will come
for them to be just something more.

Both sighing. Both clasping their hands
in friendship that is just a start.
A boy, a girl- and nothing more.
Nothing more will break them apart.

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