I will post here poems that I write on my own in different languages: english, hungarian and russian

Happy to see you all here!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Demolish...down to the ground!

Destroy it. Down to the ground.
And I ain’t gotta make a sound.
Demolish my old hope to nothing-
And you will see me wildly laughing.
You hear me? Shatter! Tear down!
That wall, which covers you around.
You utterly ruined your soul,
forgot the world, life of your own.
You wrecked all: feelings, joy and life.
You think nobody is behind?
Just look around!-I’m here.
Look in my eyes-I have no fear.
I will rebuild the broken doors,
Repaint the dull grey-black walls.
I will be here till the end,
I’m your only, only friend.

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