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Monday, 2 September 2013

Bygone night

Can you remember all my words
About hatred,about you?
Can you still see my eyes,like swords,
And telling „all is true, so true”?
Can you remember That day?
That cold and raindrops on skin..?
„ Uh,chillin’ ”-that’s how you say
And smile to it: „tears are sin”.
I can remember everything,
My words, your eyes, my hidden tears…
I said ”all’s over!”, crying „no”
And you could always see my fears…
You took my hand, gently, as always,
Saying „if you wish so”…
Your eyes-like daggers in my soul
Were telling „please don’t go”.
But I couldn’t bear it all-
That you were never mine.
Just friends.and nothing more
Oh sore…
I’ve reached the border line.
I couldn’t see you every day
Hugging another girl
And touching lovingly
Not mine, but her long brown curl.
I couldn’t look at you
Without thinking „gee….
If we were not only best friends,
Imagine, what would be?”…
So you looked deep into my eyes
Trying to see the truth.
I was afraid you would find it
So I turned them away from you.
I rushed away, saying „good-bye”,
Even if it was hard…
The running, the escape, the tears,
Well,actress, it’s your part…
Oh damned be, cruel world,
My hopeless dreams of love…
Cause my heart now is torn apart,
And I left there one half…
A pain cried from me that day,
I knew you saw it all.
You rushed after me, hugging tight,
Saying „Come here, ma girl”.
You touched my skin as you
Have always touched before,
And now I knew it: we will be
Just friends, and nothing more…
I knew I loved you so.

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